HD Stock Footage

Steve Cassidy’s stock footage is represented worldwide exclusively by Getty Images. Use the links below to open the Getty Images website which will allow you to search our entire HD library and view individual clips.

Footage is divided into two collections: AERIAL HD and CASSIDY INC.


Co-produced with Camera Copters owner/pilot Paul Barth, this collection features a broad mix of cityscapes, scenic beauty, industrial, energy production, agriculture, and more, from locations all across the USA and Caribbean. All shot with the Cineflex system and mastered in full 1080 24P HD. New material is being shot and added continuously.

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This collection features car POV’s, cityscapes, scenics, and establishers shot with our Cineflex system mounted on our specially adapted camera car. It also features a number of matched process plate backgrounds for use in car interior dialogue scenes.

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Recent users of our stock footage:

NBC TV series “Lipstick Jungle”, “My Own Worst Enemy”, “Life”, “In Plain Sight”, “Knight Ride”.

ABC TV series “Ugly Betty”, “The Unusuals”, “Eli Stone”, “October Road”, “Criminal Minds”, “Cupid”, “The Prince of Motor City”.

CBS TV’s “CSI: New York”, “CSI: Miami”, “CSI: Las Vegas”,  “Numb 3”.

Touchstone Pictures “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and Michael Moore….

National Geographic TV, PBS’s NOVA and FRONTLINE. The Travel Channel, The Weather Channel, Harpo Productions (Oprah), and Jerry Bruckheimer Films. FX Networks, TLC. Ogilvy & Mather, BBDO, JWT.