Steve has just completed design and construction of a versatile new camera car/crane designed to carry our Cineflex HD system. It also accepts

3 axis heads with a Mitchell mount and will handle a 100 lb payload.

                                    It's called "THE SCORPION."

The crane is a modular design and can be assembled in different lengths up to

20 feet. (shown here in 10 foot configuration)  The truck is a modified 2008

Nissan Titan with a 360 hp V8, Rancho off-road suspension, adjustable shocks,

adjustable air suspension, and Banks 3" exhaust. Both 12 volt and 24 volt DC

power available on board. Dual HD monitors, 2-way vhf/uhf radio, and headset

system for driver, director, DP, and crane operator. Remote motion control

coming soon.

Here are photos showing the range of motion of the the crane:

The SCORPION can travel public roads while fully

rigged, which really saves time when shooting at

multiple locations. Available as a package with our

Cineflex HD camera system nationwide.

We'll post full info and footage as soon as we can. For now, call Steve for details.


Steve Cassidy



Steve Cassidy is a Getty Images Contributing Producer